Sheep Housing

Sheep Housing

We offer an excellent solution to sheep housing, from large sheep polytunnels to more modest sheep sheds. From lambing to fattening we can supply the necessary structures to create cost effective and labour saving sheep housing.

Polytunnels for sheep have been used by sheep farmers over many years to improve animal welfare and help increase profitability.

A stable protective environment reduces stress on the animals, particularly when they are heavily in lamb and housed sheep are cheaper to feed than stock wintered outside.

Flock management becomes easier with increased comfort for both sheep and shepherd. Lamb survival rate can increase significantly through reduced mortality from exposure.

Sheep Polytunnels

Polytunnel structures can be built on hillsides so long as the fall line is lengthways along the structure.

Usually poly tunnels for sheep are laid out with a 1m central feed passage and the size of structure required is calculated by the number of ewes based on 1.5 m2 per ewe and twins.

The gable end frames are large enough to allow a cabbed tractor to work inside for feeding and cleaning out.

Polytunnels are normally clad in white polythene, which offers the most comfortable environment. If environmental/planning issues are important, green polythene can be supplied to blend with the countryside.

Polypens have plastic extruded netting with a 3 ton breaking strain around the base of the structure and up to 2m across the gable end frames.

Sheep Tunnels

  • Hoop framework
  • Gable end frame
  • Roof cover
  • Anti hot spot tape
  • Side walls
  • Wide supported roof cover
  • Wire supported roof cover
  • Labour saving benefits
  • Cost benefits
  • Production benefits
  • Design features
  • Grassland benefits
  • Designed for sheep

UK Manufactured Polytunnels

AG Polytunnels has been designing and manufacturing horticultural buildings for many years from their UK site in the Forest of Dean. We supply UK manufactured polytunnels to domestic growers, large garden centres and commercial users throughout the World.

We use a local galvanising company or plating company to give a rust resistant finish to the various fixings and have ample storage so our lead time is reduced. 

We also keep a small flock of sheep and over winter they are kept in a sheep housing which you are more than welcome to see.

If you would like any more information or a free no obligation quote, please feel free to contact us through our website or call us on 01594 546 935.