Replacement Polytunnel Covers

Polytunnel Covers

We are a specialist supplier of quality replacement polythene, polytunnel covers and polytunnel accessories perfect for refurbishing domestic and commercial polytunnels.

We have many years experience in the horticultural industry, supplying replacement polytunnel covers to domestic and commercial growers and farming industry.

All our polytunnel covers are manufactured by bpi.visqueen the European leader in horticultural polythene for polytunnel covers, and come with a guarantee.

Full Recladding Service

Simply measure the tunnel, following the steps below then contact us.

We will then work out what size polythene cover you require, once it has arrived we will come and install the replacement polytunnel cover.

Alternatively we can supply a polythene cover for you to fit yourself.


  • Length of the tunnel
  • Height of the tunnel to the ridge
  • Over the hoop from the base on one side to the base on the other side

Sizes available:

  • 7.3
  • 9.2
  • 11.1
  • 14m
  • This can be cut to any length required although longer is much better than too short

Agricultural Housing

  • Hoop framework
  • Gable end frame
  • Roof cover
  • Anti hot spot tape
  • Side walls
  • Wide supported roof cover
  • Wire supported roof cover
  • Labour saving benefits
  • Cost benefits
  • Production benefits
  • Design features
  • Grassland benefits
  • Designed for cows