Polytunnels in the UK

We have been supplying polytunnels in the UK for many years. AG Polytunnels can design, manufacture and install high quality livestock polytunnelssheep housing, cattle housing, poultry housing, growing tunnels and garden polytunnels solutions in the UK.

Housing Livestock Polytunnels

Housing livestock in polytunnels provides an inexpensive and high quality shelter protecting your animals from the elements all year round.

  • Excellent Value
  • Livestock Shelter
  • Weather Protection

Commercial Polytunnels

Our commercial polytunnels are manufactured from 60mm z35 galvanised steel and come with either a treated timber or an aluminium fixing bar, and zinc plated fixings.

Domestic Polytunnels

Domestic polytunnels are being used more and more by people who are discovering the joys of growing fruit and vegetables in polytunnels in Wales. Polytunnel growing is a relatively inexpensive way of covering and protecting tender fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers.

Supply Polytunnels Throughout the UK

  • Polytunnels in England
  • Polytunnels in Wales
  • Polytunnels in Scotland

UK Manufactured Polytunnels

AG Polytunnels has been designing and manufacturing horticultural buildings for many years from their UK site in the Forest of Dean. We supply UK manufactured polytunnels to domestic growers, large garden centres and commercial users throughout the World.

We use a local galvanising company or plating company to give a rust resistant finish to the various fixings and have ample storage so our lead time is reduced. 

We also keep a small flock of sheep and over winter they are kept in a sheep housing which you are more than welcome to see.

If you would like any more information or a free no obligation quote, please feel free to contact us through our website or call us on 01594 546 935.