Garden Polytunnels

Plastic Greenhouses

AG Polytunnels have been manufacturing and supplying gardening polytunnels and plastic greenhouses for many years to professional growers and hobbyists. We supply a comprehensive range of garden polytunnels starting at 3m (10ft) through to 10m (33ft) wide and any length.

Plastic Greenhouses

The advantages of polytunnels are:

  • Retain additional heat to facilitate plant growth
  • Give protection from frost
  • Protect seedlings and young plants for transplanting and later sowing
  • Provide a warm and comfortable environment to garden in diverse weather
  • Extends your growing season

Small Single Span Polytunnels

  • Span sizes 3m (10') and 3.7m (12')
  • Excellent value for money
  • Simple to erect with no foundation concrete required
  • A good starting point for the home garden or commercial sites where space is tight
  • Hoops are spaced between 1.25m and 2m apart
  • Good volume for ventilation
  • Growing space for tall crops
  • Good working height at the side
  • 51mm Galvanised structural steel

Medium Single Span Polytunnels

  • Span sizes 4.3m(14'), 5.5m(18'), 6.4m(21') and 7.3m(24')
  • This range of polytunnel greenhouses allows the commercial grower the widest possible choice to achieve the ideal environment for crop production
  • The straight sides provide economic working and growing space right to the sides
  • Side ventilation is optional but recommended when the polytunnel is over 20m long
  • Hoops are spaced between 1.25m and 2.5m apart